Tuesday, January 11, 2005


Alan Morrison - Poems, Don't Think of Tigers - The Do Not Press, 2001
Giving Light - Waterloo Sampler No. 2 - Waterloo Press, 2003
Feed a Cold, Starve a Fever - Sixties Press, 2004
Clocking-in for the Witching Hour - Sixties Press, 2004
Picaresque, a play for voices - Survivors' Press, 2005
Storming Heaven in a Book, a preface to O the Windows of the Bookshop Must Be Broken - the Collected Poems of David Kessel (ed.) - Survivors' Press, 2005
The Mansion Gardens - Paula Brown Publishing, November 2006
forthcoming: Saints with Cluttered Brows - Waterloo Press

Magazine credits:
Airings, Aesthetica, Awen, Bard, Candelabrum, Carrillon, Decanto, Echoes of Gilgamesh, Eclipse, Eratica, Exile, First Time, Great Works, Headstorms, Illuminations (USA), Jacobyte Poetry, Monkey Kettle, Pennine Platform, Poetic Hours, Poetry Express, Poetry Now, Poetry Salzburg Review, Poet Tree, Pulsar, Snakeskin, South, Strix Varia, The Engine, The London Magazine, The Once Orange Badge Poetry Supplement, The Penniless Press, The People's Poet, The Seeker Magazine, The Taj Mahal Review, The Yellow Crane, Voice & Verse
Anthology Credits:
Poems from the South - Anchor Books, 1999
First Edition – Don’t Think of Tigers - The Do Not Press (Prize for being a winner in the 1998 First Edition Competition, Asham Literary Trust)
Poetry Now Editor’s Choice Anthology - Forward Press, 2003
Bright Voices - United Press, 2003
MEAN – NEW WRITING - The South, 2003
In the Shadows - Forward Press, 2004
The People’s Poet Anthology 2005 - The People’s Poet, 2005
Beyond Stigma, Dark Sun and Thunder - Sixties Press, 2005
The Real Survivors Anthology - Sixties Press, 2006
Orphans of Albion (forthcoming) - Sixties Press/Survivors' Press


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